Specialist Provision Pathway
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Specialist Provision Pathway

Pathway Overview

The Specialist Provision Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is an aspect of complex autism, sensory processing disorder and/or present challenging behaviours due to their learning barrier. Many students within this pathway have additional complexities. Students within this pathway will have additional barriers to learning, such as speech and language needs, communication and interaction needs, hearing impairment visual impairment, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, a range of physical disabilities, sensory or social, emotional, mental health needs.

Pathway Intent

Specialist Provision links their communication, sensory input and structure to ensure that students with ASD have the opportunity to access a bespoke curriculum that is tailored to fostering their curiosity and them understanding and knowing themselves. The pathway is driven by a progressive approach where the needs of the students are constantly assessed and met with appropriate methods that encourage engagement, independence and consolidation. Students learn by following a modified national curriculum encompassing; TEACCH methodology, functional skills and preparation for adulthood. 

Pathway Implementation - School

Students within the Specialist Provision Pathway (those operating at Pre- Early and Early Years Foundation Stage at Year 7) experience our practical and functional curriculum through a highly bespoke, structured learning approach. Students following our practical and functional curriculum learn best when learning is related to their own experience. Some may learn through structured play; others will learn more effectively through functional activities, and yet others will respond well to a topic-based approach. In addition, all students within this pathway have their learning executed through TEACCH methodology which is totally personalised to their individual motivations, sensory and independence levels. Our teachers do not prepare to ‘teach the class’; they design individualised planning that addresses the next key steps that each pupil needs to achieve to make progress. This planning is shared with all staff so that everyone working with them is focused on enabling the pupil to achieve that core piece of learning. Where appropriate there is interagency working that ensures that therapy is delivered and embedded into the functional setting of the classroom so that the pupil has opportunities to practice those core skills all day, every day. Key Stage 4 students may pursue accreditation at ASDAN or Entry Level where appropriate. Key stage 3 and 4 lessons are all class based.

Pathway Implementation - College

Students often transfer to other provisions at Key Stage 5. We work with our partners in social care to find personalised approaches to their transition into adulthood. Key Stage 5 students that remain with us attend the College Hub Provision and remain classed based. Key Stage 5 students follow a curriculum that focuses on preparing them for adulthood accredited by ASDAN.

Beyond Elms Bank

Our Specialist Provision students go on to a range of personalised routes into adulthood.