Nurture Pathway
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Nurture Pathway

Pathway Overview

The Nurture Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is an aspect of Social, Emotional, Mental Health barriers to learning. Many students within this pathway have additional complexities. Students within this pathway will have additional barriers to learning, such as speech and language needs, communication and interaction needs, hearing impairment visual impairment, autistic spectrum continuum, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, a range of physical disabilities and sensory needs.

Pathway Intent

Preparation for adulthood and communication are central to the Nurture pathway. Driven through a consistent teaching approach that encompasses; TEACCH methodology and bespoke trauma informed practices, students are supported to sustain engagement through a functional skills and success based curriculum. This allows our learners to follow a modified National Curriculum equipping them with the knowledge, skills and application to enable them to be life and work ready. By intrinsically knowing themselves, and being aware of their sensory and emotional needs, students develop their level of independence thus allowing them to become curious learners

Pathway Implementation - School

Students within the Nurture Pathway (those operating at Year 2 expected or below at Year 7) experience our success-based curriculum and learning approach. Students following our success-based curriculum learn best when learning is centred within trauma informed practices and enables emotional regulation. Key Stage 4 students may pursue accreditation at ASDAN, Entry Level and GCSE where appropriate. Key stage 3 and 4 lessons are all class based.

Pathway Implementation - College

Students make a gradual transition from their main school base to the College Hub provision. Key Stage 5 students follow a curriculum that focuses on preparing them for adulthood and/or vocational options accredited by ASDAN or industry recognised qualifications.

Beyond Elms Bank

Most of our Nurture students go on to secure employment, traineeships, apprenticeships or continue their studies at Bury College.