Inspire Pathway
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Inspire Pathway

Pathway Overview

The Inspire Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is an aspect of complex cognition and thinking barriers to learning. Many students within this pathway have additional complexities. Students within this pathway will have additional barriers to learning, such as speech and language needs, communication and interaction needs, hearing impairment visual impairment, autistic spectrum continuum, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, a range of physical disabilities and sensory needs, or social, emotional, mental health issues.

Pathway Intent

Developing independence is at the forefront of the Inspire pathway. This is realised through a more formal teaching and learning approach, whereby students are encouraged to gain a greater knowledge of themselves and be curious learners. In turn, this provides them with opportunities to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. 

Communication and functional skills are also rooted within the curriculum, as the aim is to equip students for the world in which they live, in preparation for adulthood. 

Pathway Implementation - School

Students within the Inspire Pathway (those operating at Year 2 expected or below at Year 7) experience our formal curriculum and learning approach.

They access the National Curriculum subjects for their Key Stage, modiā€€ed in the light of their developmental level and special educational needs. Our students in this pathway receive their education through a formal learning approach, which is organised in a traditional secondary school model. Students in this pathway learn best when
learning is structured in a highly differentiated and personalised way. Key stage 4 students may pursue accreditation at Entry Level, Vocational accreditation, and GCSEs where appropriate; they follow the appropriate syllabus in each exam subject.

Pathway Implementation - College

Key Stage 5 students attend our College Hub Provision. They follow a vocational curriculum that includes a range of work experience opportunities leading to a supported internship accredited with industry recognised qualifications.

Beyond Elms Bank

Most of our Inspire students go on to secure employment, traineeships, apprenticeships or continue their studies at Bury College.