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Explore Pathway

Pathway Overview

The Explore Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is an aspect of complex and severe Cognition and Thinking barriers to learning. Many students within this pathway have additional complexities. Students within this pathway will have additional barriers to learning, such as speech and language needs, communication and interaction needs, hearing impairment visual impairment, autistic spectrum continuum, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, a range of physical disabilities and sensory needs, or social, emotional, mental health issues.

Pathway Intent

Communication and independence are at the heart of the Explore pathway. Students will learn through real life experience and direct teaching of English and Maths. By following a modified national curriculum our students will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and application to enable them to be life ready. Our curriculum has a strong focus on functional skills, which lead to increased independence and the preparation for adulthood. Through engagement with the Explore pathway, students will become effective communicators who will ‘know themselves’. Many elements of the Creative Curriculum will be thematic blocks in learning, allowing students to navigate their own learning journey by becoming curious learners.

Pathway Implementation - School

Students within the Explore Pathway (those operating at Early Years Foundation Stage at Year 7) experience our practical and functional curriculum and learning approach. Students following our practical and functional curriculum learn best when learning is related to their own experience. At Key Stage 3 students’ learning is mostly class based. Some may learn through structured play; others will learn more e ectively through functional activities, and yet others will respond well to a topic-based approach. Where appropriate there is interagency working that ensures that therapy is delivered and embedded into the functional setting of the classroom so that the pupil has opportunities to practice those core skills all day, every day. Key Stage 4 students may pursue accreditation at ASDAN or Entry Level where appropriate.

Pathway Implementation - College

Key Stage 5 students attend our College Hub Provision. Key Stage 5 students follow a curriculum that focuses on preparing them for adulthood accredited by ASDAN.

Beyond Elms Bank

Most of our Explore students go on to continue their studies at Bury College.