Pupils with headteacher at Elms Bank


Welcome to a new school year at Elms Bank!

Dear Parents & Carers

Welcome to a new school year at Elms Bank!

What an exciting start to the year we’ve had. The school year started on results day, 22nd August, when the Year 11s found out their results. What an amazing set of results from all students across all pathways! Staff were so proud of the students’ hardwork and as a wider community we should be very proud of their achievements! All Year 11s have moved onto the College Hub and are looking forward to starting their new courses in the new off-site building.

The new Year 7’s bounded into school this week and have taken those first few days in their stride. I am sure they will have a great year with us at Elms Bank, once they have fully settled.

The new hydrotherapy pool is fully ready to be used on the main site and all the students and staff are raring to go to use it. This means our student entrance and exit is now back up and running. The old hydrotherapy pool has been demolished, which means the sensory garden has been expanded with a newly laid lawn.

Again at the main site, the Nurture Pathway students have seen their department expand with two new classrooms and various withdrawal and calm rooms within it. Many teachers across the main site have new classrooms too and they are settling into them and making them their own.

Over the Summer, our baby rabbits and chickens have really grown up. They seem ready to take on the new school year in Animal Care. Bob, the school dog, is being joined by his brother, Cooper, to share his timetable at the main site. Holly, our other school dog, has been promoted to College dog at our offsite College Hub.

The College Hub opened this week, with very excited Year 12’s, 13’s and 14’s. All staff have worked exceptionally hard over the Summer to get the college ready and students weren’t disappointed. They’ve explored all the vocational and sensory facilities at the college and are ready to apply themselves to all their new courses.

Information will be coming out in the next couple of weeks about various parental events from ‘Year 7 Parent Welcome Evenings’ to ‘College Parent Drop-ins’ – please look out for this. Our ‘After School Club’ information will also be coming out from the school’s Pastoral Team. If you would like your son or daughter to participate, please make sure you look out for this information in the next week or two.

I hope you are all as excited as the staff and students at all the new developments and I look forward to working with you to ensure your son or daughter has the best provision at Elms Bank.

Kind regards

Orienne Langley–Sadler