Pupils with headteacher at Elms Bank


Results Day 2021

We are exceptionally proud of all our students, who through the most challenging year, they have continued to work hard and continued to aspire to achieve the best results they can. 39 of our students were entered for arrange of qualifications including GCSEs, vocational qualifications, entry levels and functional skills across 11 subjects. Many of our students have found the Covid19 pandemic extremely difficult as it has impacted on their routine, their face to face time with their teachers, support staff and all the other professionals involved in their education. However, they have continued to battle through this year and achieve some amazing results.

This particular year, sees young learners from our new pathway, Nurture, achieve examination results. These young people have found education problematic throughout their school career and yet they have shown true resilience and worked through this to achieve results that have blown us away. Elms Bank sees the first Grade 5 English by one young learner.

None of this would be possible without the true dedication of our whole staff team and all the young people’s families, who have supported them throughout their school career.  We wish all our students all the very best in their education following Year 11, many of them progressing to a range of colleges. We know they will be hugely successful and we are very proud of each one of them!