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The Bury Children's Therapy Teams

Our teams are getting involved in different challenges to help fundraise this. Lyndsey, Tamara, Jen, Kieran, Lucy, Gemma, Carl and Matt are taking part in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. Bayla will be rowing the distance of the Yorkshire Three Peaks and Liam, Matt and Maya are taking part in the Manchester Half Marathon.

We are already setting up a ‘Name the Giant Rabbit’ competition and one of our team makes lovely bows which she is selling.

Over the next few months we will be planning even more events.

The room will be available to book for all patients and can be used as a treatment space or as a waiting area for children who would benefit from the sensory environment. We believe it's going to make a massive difference to the outcomes of our sessions for our children and young people with neurodiversity who just cannot cope with the noisy/echo-y rooms we have. The room will be a safe space for children to explore and will encourage fine, gross motor and perceptual skill development. It will also be an environment to improve visual, auditory and tactile processing.

If you would like to donate towards the room, we would greatly appreciate it, please see the link below -