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Elms Bank at ALFA's Annual Showcasting Event

This term, our Elms Bank choir joined forces with lots of other learners within our local area to perform at ALFA’s annual showcasing event. Pupils from various schools joined forces to create an unforgettable musical spectacle, set against the majestic backdrop of one of Manchester's cultural gems.

This event was a celebration of community, collaboration, and raw talent as the audience had the opportunity to witness a variety of musical performances from ALFA learners. Elms Bank wowed the audience with their rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘A Million Dreams’ which was received with a standing ovation and lots of cheering from the crowd!

What truly elevated this event was the inclusion of numerous choirs from the local area. Each choir brought its unique flavour and passion, infusing the performance with diversity and richness. It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and unity that can be shared through music. Every participant contributed to the tapestry of sound, fostering a sense of belonging and pride within the community.

At the heart of the performance was the captivating synergy between pupils and the esteemed ALFA ensemble. Their partnership ignited the stage, breathing life into every note and rhythm. The hall echoed with the blend of voices and instruments, showcasing the hard work and dedication of the students involved.