Pupils at Elms Bank

Policies & Guidance


By law, all parents are required to make sure their child receives education, and the local authority requires all schools to monitor each pupil’s attendance.

We regard regular attendance, and punctuality as very important in helping pupils to learn. The only reasons allowed for absences are; personal illness, visits to the doctor or dentist or other medical appointments and important religious festivals; Headteachers are now unable to grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The Headteacher will determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted.

Please inform school immediately if your child has to be absent for any of these reasons. Please send in doctor’s or dentist’s appointment cards with the child on the day of the appointment.

If absences go unexplained, we shall contact you to make sure that you are aware that your child has not been in school. The School Attendance Officer may visit you to help solve problems of poor attendance or persistent lateness or other problems. Parents can be fined for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from school.

Complaints Procedure

In accordance with the Education Reform Act 1988 the school follows Bury’s procedures for the considerations of complaints about the school curriculum and related matters. Copies of this procedure can be obtained from Bury Council, 3 Knowsley Place, Bury.

If you do wish to visit the school to discuss any matters you are always most welcome. For your convenience, if you telephone school first to make sure the Headteacher or person you wish to speak to is available, then you should not be disappointed.

You are encouraged to attend Parents’ Evenings which occur every year in addition to the Annual Reviews/Education, Health and Care Plans. Some staff and parents communicate through a home/school book sent home daily.

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