Pupil using the climbing wall at Elms Bank


Extended Services

Elms Bank offers a variety of activities that are additional to the school day. If you have any questions about our Extended Services you can contact the school and speak to Yvonne Hall. The Extended Services at Elms Bank became a registered charity in 2011 and runs under the name of L8R@EB (Later at Elms Bank). It is the umbrella organisation for all our before and after school clubs, lunch time and school holiday activities. The aim is to have more pupils doing more things more often.

Breakfast Club

At Elms Bank we believe that eating breakfast is important as it gives pupils the best start to learning. Research shows that pupils who eat breakfast progress better than those who skip this meal. As a result of this research, Breakfast Club runs every school day from 8.45am to 9.15am and offers a variety of healthy and nutritious food to those pupils who have not had breakfast at home. There is a small charge for this (£2.50 a week). You can get more information about Breakfast Club by ringing the school.

Lunchtime Clubs

We offer a range of lunchtime clubs put on by staff for the enjoyment and engagement of pupils – attendance at lunchtime clubs is excellent and pupils gain wider skills such as team working and appropriate social interaction from them. We also have a member of staff who organises yard games and activities for those pupils who want to be outside at lunchtimes. Lunchtime clubs are added to and adapted throughout the year to include the interests of our pupils.

After School Clubs

At the beginning of the school year you will receive a booklet with information about the clubs that will be offered after school. We would ask you to discuss the activities with your child and encourage them to participate. Extra-curricular activities are a valuable way of pupils developing social skills and team work while learning new skills. There is a small charge for our clubs which allows us to keep the clubs going. If your child is interested in attending any of the clubs we will let you know the different ways in which you can pay. Information regarding the cost of clubs will be included in the After School Clubs booklet. Examples of After School Clubs are: Climbing, Trampolining, Art, Pamper, Youth Club, Football, iPad Club, Film, Basketball, Duke of Edinburgh scheme, and many more!

Other Extended Services

During school holidays L8R@EB run a variety of themed holiday camps. Activities include Play, Multi Sports, Arts and Crafts and run from 10.00am to 3.00pm for a small charge. Extended Services at Elms Bank are developing all the time and we are interested to hear about any ideas you may have for clubs and classes.

After School & Holiday Club Timetable 2017
Clubs StartClubs Finish
Autumn Term A Tuesday 19 September 2017 Thursday 19 October 2017
October Half Term Holiday Club Monday 23rd October 2017 Wednesday 25 October 2017
Autumn Term B Tuesday 31 October 2017 Friday 15th December 2017
Spring Term A Tuesday 16th January 2018 Friday 16th February 2018
February Half Term Holiday Club Monday 19th February 2018 Wednesday 21st February 2018
Spring Term B Tuesday 27th February 2018 Wednesday 28th March 2018
Easter Holiday Club Tuesday 3rd April 2018 Friday 6th April 2018
Summer Term A Tuesday 17th April 2018 Friday 25th May 2018
May Half Term Holiday Club Tuesday 29th May 2018 Thursday 31 May 2018
Summer Term B Tuesday 5th June 2018 Friday 6th July 2018
Summer Holiday Club Wk 1 Monday 23rd July 2018 Thursday 26th July 2018
Summer Holiday Club Wk 2 Monday 30th July 2018 Thursday 2nd August 2018
Summer Holiday Club Wk 3 Tuesday 28th August 2018 Thursday 30th August 2018
Please note that from 31 October 2017, after school clubs will be charged at £15 per half-term regardless of attendance.
It will be necessary on occasions to cancel some clubs throughout the year due to school events.  Information will be available on the website and by letter and text message nearer to the time.  
For further information on the clubs we offer and to download an application form found to the left of this page in the Downloads and Links section.

Notices for Students

This is where we we will tell you any news or important information just for students. Remember to keep coming back to this page to keep up with everything you may need to know about what is happening at school.