Pupils and teacher in a lesson at Elms Bank

Specialist Provision

The Specialist Provision is for students who have ASD and other related difficulties and includes those with Sensory Processing Disorders. These students access a lot of their bespoke curriculum within our Specialist Provision Department which is in a very secure and quiet area of the school building. Students within Specialist Provision usually stay at Elms Bank from Year 7 until the end of Year 14. At the end of Year 14 students typically move from Elms Bank into Further Education and undertake appropriate courses suitable for their needs. The whole department is underpinned by TEACCH principles which provide students with structure and clear organisation of their school day. TEACCH relies on 5 basic principles, all of which are used within our Specialist Provision: Physical Structure (clearly defined classroom layout), Scheduling (visually setting up a student’s day in small chunks), Work Systems (this clearly sets out what is expected within a lesson), Routine (following set schedules and work systems) and Visual Structure (a complete visual approach gives students a clear understanding of the world around them).

Independence and communication underpins all the curriculum and all students are supported by SALT programmes that run throughout the curriculum.

Students within Specialist Provision are linked to the same curriculum pathways as the rest of the school. Therefore students within Specialist Provision access the different pathways depending on their level of need and ability. Students are either linked to Inspire, Explore or the Thrive pathway and follow a range of subjects. Please see the individual pathway descriptions.

The curriculum within KS4 has greater emphasis on developing life skills and work related learning. Some students follow personalised timetables which give them opportunities to spend time with other classes in the main body of school.

All students have access to 5 PSHE drop down days in which they experience and explore activities based on British Values, Diversity, Internet Safety, Emotional Well-Being/Self Image, and Drug and Alcohol Awareness.