Pupils and teacher in a food technology lesson at Elms Bank

Food Technology

The focus of Food Technology at Elms Bank is to develop a clear understanding of basic life skills in food preparation and nutritional requirements necessary to promote health.

Understanding about food includes learning about associated risks and benefits. All children will handle food at regular points in their lives, e.g. when eating food prepared by others or when preparing it for themselves. It is important that they become aware of the care that is needed when handling food. Learning to work in a safe and hygienic way with materials is part of the required curriculum.


  • To give students a clear and safe working environment to work in, being encouraged to feel safe, speak up and care for their environment.
  • To equip pupils with skills they can use in a kitchen environment at home, transferring practical skills into real life situations and beyond.
  • For students to make a positive contribution by helping in the preparation of food for lunch, snacks and a variety of events in school life.
  • To ensure high standard of personal hygiene throughout every practical lesson.
  • To ensure students are made aware of the healthy eating guidelines and how this affects our lives.
  • To support and feedback orally to students during practical lessons to develop their awareness and independence skills.
  • To ensure students produce a high quality product through observation, practical and evaluation (tasting).
  • To use the correct terminology for the equipment and demonstrate the safe use of it.
  • To ensure the food lessons are interactive, creative and fulfilling.
  • To promote and extend all cross curricular skills.