Pupil and teacher in a lesson at Elms Bank


‘English, communication and language lie at the heart of our capacity to imagine, think and create and make a crucial contribution to children’s development as successful learners. Their developing use of language underpins children’s achievements across the curriculum and lays the foundation for active involvement in cultural life, society, work and lifelong learning.’ (curriculum.qcda.gov.uk)

Pupils at Elms Bank have statements for their special needs. The majority of pupils are working at levels well below the national average for their age in English. Therefore the English Department aspires to deliver the subject in ways that meet the individual needs of all our young people in a creative and engaging environment.


Our overall aim is to enable all pupils to achieve to the best of their ability within a supportive, creative and engaging learning environment. We aim to teach them skills within a broad and balanced curriculum, and within meaningful contexts, to prepare them for their adult lives in the wider world and to improve their life opportunities. Schemes of Work are created to develop pupils’ abilities in Spoken Language, Reading and Writing.

Spoken Language:
  • To develop pupils’ skills in speaking and listening, and provide them with the skills to express themselves and become effective communicators at home, school and in the wider community
  • To make ‘every child a reader’ and provide opportunities for them to develop a love of books, while recognising the value of reading for pleasure
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to engage in a variety of texts and access print in various contexts in preparation for their adult lives, e.g. newspapers, instructions, emails and letters
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of the written word (purpose, audience and form) and their ability to become confident communicators in the written word, including ICT.