Covid - Our Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum


Following the partial closure of Elms Bank due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the Summer of 2019 all students returned to formal education in September 2020. In order to offer continuous education and support to all of our students, despite bubble and pod closures this policy was written in order to ensure an effective and differentiated curriculum approach that supports both the educational and wellbeing development of all of our students.


What is the aim of this Recovery Curriculum Policy?

  • To ensure that all teachers are aware of their expectations in each POD (KS3 Inspire & Explore, KS4 Inspire & Explore, Specialist Provision, Nurture and Thrive)
  • To ensure that form teachers have a comprehensive understand of the intent of the curriculum
  • To ensure that the curriculum at Elms Bank uses the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing to navigate through the curriculum content
  • To ensure that KS4 students continue to work towards accreditation content


To offer students a holistic recovery programme that includes a gradual implementation of the curriculum. By using the Elms Bank 5 Steps to Wellbeing’ teachers will deliver a systematic, relationships-based approach to reigniting the flame of learning in each student. Elms Banks mission is to journey with each student through a process of re engagement, which leads them back to their rightful status as an engaged and authentic learner.