Applied Learning

Applied learning is a style of learning that equips and prepares our young people for life, learning and employment. It is an integral part of the curriculum and is instrumental in many aspects of the Elms Bank College pathways. Applied learning provides Relevant, Engaging, Active Learning (REAL) opportunities for students, from which they can build their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live and develop the essential skills to reach their potential.

The school has an Applied Learning Team led by the Head of Key Stage 5 and has introduced flexible pathways through the curriculum which will enable all learners to move at a pace which best suits them.

Applied Learning in School Key Stage 3/4

Students have an Applied Learning Passport which captures the holistic progress made within the school that does not typically fall under the curriculum. Challenges include helping out at a lunch club or take a position of responsibility in class. This passport will follow the student throughout their academic stay at Elms Bank and will challenge them, map their progression and understanding of the types of different skills, roles and responsibilities.

Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in:

  • School-based work placements where students get an opportunity to work in different parts of the school such as looking after the school chickens, fish and snails or serving on the tuck shop or salad bar.
  • World of Work – pupils take part in our annual World of Work Day which celebrates the different industries and gives students a chance to get hands on experience. Employers, volunteers and members of school staff provide taster sessions such as car wash, hair and beauty, flower arranging and the Fire Service.

If you are a business or an organisation and what to get involved, please contact the Applied Learning Team for more information.