Pupils at Elms Bank

School Ethos

Mission Statement

At Elms Bank we wish to create opportunities for every pupil to develop to his or her maximum potential. We strive to deliver an outstanding service to all pupils and their parents. We look for every chance to recognise and celebrate achievement. We take pride in what we do and accept that all we do can be continually improved. We aim to enhance the quality of life for all pupils who attend Elms Bank.

Aims of the School

Elms Bank has overall aims, which seek to ensure that each pupil receives the very best care and education. The staff and governors have agreed these aims, which are listed below.

  • To offer each pupil a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum within the National Curriculum that is externally accredited where appropriate.
  • To ensure that pupils’ individual needs are met in terms of moral, spiritual and social developments and in the acquisition of personal and social values and skills.
  • To support pupils in a caring community where the school philosophy enables all to access the curriculum regardless of physical disability, learning disability, gender, race or culture.
  • To support pupils in a climate of warmth and understanding in order that self-esteem, confidence and responsibility can grow.
  • To maximise every pupil’s potential for independence whilst respecting those pupils who will always require support.
  • To support parents and families by keeping them informed and involved in their child’s progress, achievement and school events.
  • To encourage, support and develop all staff in a positive professional environment where individual needs and achievements are recognised and appreciated.
  • To promote and develop skills for further education, work, home and leisure activities.
  • To raise standards thus improving and enhancing the quality of lives of all pupils and establishing a centre of excellence.
  • To help pupils develop into good citizens, with minds ready to explore, question and challenge policies underpinning society.