Pupils in a music lesson at Elms Bank

Meet Our Family

It is often said about Elms Bank that there is a real sense of a "school family" here. We hope that you feel the same way when you explore the website and we know you will experience it when you visit our school.

From time to time we want to introduce you to our family members, so please come back often, you never know who you are going to meet!

Angie the Buddy Dog

What does a Buddy Dog do?

A Buddy Dog gives pupils the opportunity to build on their communication and mobility skills needed to enhance their lives. Confidence is also enhanced by giving certain responsibilities to pupils to care for the dog’s needs, i.e. feeding, grooming and walking. 

Our Buddy Dog Angie

Angie is very busy during the day and goes into classes with pupils. A pupil from the class collects and returns Angie from and to the office either independently, if they are confident to do so, or with a member of staff if needed. Angie is used as a reading dog that allows pupils who are less confident at reading out loud to be able to read to her as this can be less intimidating than reading to a member of the reading team.

She is well liked around school and has a very calming effect on pupils. If a pupil becomes distressed Angie can help to calm them down as pupils always want to interact with her.

Angie also works with the pupils in school with visual impairments, travelling both around school and in the local environment, with the assistance of the visual impairment team.

Angie gets involved in lessons in all sorts of ways which range from sitting with pupils to learning about how to take care of her and sometimes she is even measured! Angie also helps pupils to understand the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Angie is a fantastic addition to the school and if you visit make sure you come and meet her!

For further information please click here: www.guidedogs.org.uk

The Chickens

In May 2011 five pupils and staff visited Cronkshaw Fold Farm to learn how to look after chickens. After attending the course the pupils chose two Warren hens to bring back to school. Pupils chose names for the chickens and they are now called Maisy and Daisy.

The hens have a happy free range environment in which they live and are regularly seen visiting Mr Brown in the RMT Room and are very keen to attend Food Technology lessons (a little risky as the teacher likes to eat Chicken!).

Pupils are involved in the caring for the hens by cleaning the coop, feeding and ensuring that they have water and collecting their eggs. In the holidays the hens return to Cronkshaw Fold Farm for much needed rest and recuperation. 

The chickens regularly lay eggs which are sold to staff to help fund the costs of the chicken food and general upkeep. Maisy and Daisy are also used to support the curriculum at Elms Bank for example, the ASDAN 'Animal Care' short course in Extended Education. Maisy and Daisy also support work in Applied Learning, Science and Maths.