Pupils in a lesson at Elms Bank

Exam Results & Performance Data

Examination Report 2020-2021

We believe that assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning. Through accurate assessment, we are able to assess what students have learnt, how they have learnt and what their strengths and areas for development are. By monitoring, tracking and evaluating progress, we ensure that our teaching enables students to learn to their maximum potential.

At Key Stage Three students within Inspire and Explore, Nurture, Thrive and SP Pathway are tracked according to PIVATS milestones.  At Key Stage Four, all students that are able to access accreditation are tracked according to their progress towards completion of their qualification, some students may be tracked according to Key Stage Three methods to support analysis of progress and attainment.  

Pupils at Elms Bank are offered a range of qualifications which include:

  • English & Functional English - GCSE, Level 1 & Entry Level, Unit Awards
  • Maths & Functional Maths – GCSE, Entry Level/Level 1/ Level 2
  • Science – BTEC Vocational Award, BTEC Applied Science
  • ICT - Ingots Entry Level - L2 
  • PE - Level BTEC 1 & Entry Level
  • Art & Design – GCSE & Entry Level
  • Performing Arts – Level 1 & Arts Award Bronze/Silver
  • Product Design – GCSE, Level NCFE 1 & Entry Level, NCFE
  • Food Technology – GCSE, BTEC Level 1 & 2

At Elms Bank each portrait of year 11 cohort varies. As such we endeavor to assign all students to qualification flight paths that are both challenging but achievable. As such SIP target outcomes drill down to each pathways attainment. In light of this we do not expect to statistically compare year on year, furthermore in light of the qualification frameworks changes this has also had impact upon the achievement of our students as subject leaders have had to seek out alternative qualifications. 

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Qualification Summary Key Stage Four – breakdown according to pathway SIP target - please click on the download for the information
Students levels of progress from end of key stage two - please click on the download for the information


Student Destinations 2020/2021

Year 11 students:-

90% of students stay on at Elms Bank College 
10% of students went to other Colleges 
(5% Bury College, 2.5% Eccles College and 2.5% Jewish College)

Year 13 and 14 student leavers:-

100% of students went onto work or further study
52.38% of students went to Bury College (11)
4.76% of students went to Bridge College (1)
4.75% of students went on to Employment (1)
9.52% of students moved out of authority to a new provision (2)
23.8% of students to traineeship (5)
4.76% of students went to supported community independent living (1)